I admit
I never really knew what it meant to ‘truly’ care for oneself,self love ..
until I was rock bottom,collecting broken pieces of what was,what ought to have transformed to perfection,, its own kind….my own kind..
The Purest of form, I say , scared but beautiful..
There is nothing as sweet as moulding yourself ,
making every moment a lesson and taking care of your mind,soul and body,,
I  am imagining treating myself for a spa, feeding well, going out for activities like traveling,unwinding with some blues and RnB after a long day at work and yes dancing the blues awayyy:) ,,well ,..take your pic:)
∅ Saying no to the things that do not add value to your life, being bold ,being humble and vulnerable by letting go of past mistakes and choosing to forgive and trudge on,being a work in progress,,its amazing,you feel a wave is hitting you,,bringing positive change to your life,,more awareness..more life in you!!!
I choose to  make it my life’s mission to never forget my needs,what truly matters in the inside, to make myself happy.Sometimes we get carried away tending to other peoples thoughts,opinions and needs that we forget to treat ourselves well..you know, with the highest regard, how we truly deserve…
You deserve that.
The journey continues..oh and its going to be all kinds of beautiful….tough times sure,,but beautiful indeed,through it all.
Self love and care,may you reign forever….”♥
…..Join me?


The breeze that cooled my spirit

The breeze that cooled my spirit

Was tender, loving and caring

Sent from above∼

to touch the very little things that worried me

The small scars the…bends and tears of life that were creeping in

I was slowly and tenderly being caressed by this breeze

The breeze massaged my face,told me my skin is getting better(glow baby!!!)

held my hand exposing the warmth from deep within

The warmth that I should give myself MORE

which turned  into a smile…

The breeze that cooled my spirit spoke to me and

told me that

you are a fighter baby girl

you will soar to places you’ve never imagined

The breeze that cooled my spirit

The breeze that cooled my spirit….


As i walk, my spirit is jumpy,,

In a good way:)

You see the breeze penetrated into my bloodstream and

slowed its temperal motion..calmly ,soothing me…

told me to embrace the good

told me to breathe∞


to love more

not hold back, not to be scared

The breeze that cooled my spirit is

…still in me*







∞Simple reason why …

Solitude gets me going – Truth is , peace of mind and tranquility goes a long way in making me perform tasks and feeling leveled up…I give myself that ‘I can do it speech’ , whispering as many words as I can to make myself believe that it is true and can be done. I then smile, because having my space makes me comfortable you know, I can hum and sing solutions  for problems out of my brain and not feel like I am disturbing someone…:)Oh , its fun too. The thought of a quiet space to trace my thoughts and make sense of what surrounds me is indeed fulfilling,it is important. It is necessary in my life.


Nature in itself is satisfying to the soul – I imagine walking down a narrow path,feeling the breeze hit me slow,,.. I shiver a bit. I take in the warm rays of the mighty yellow star and just…feel amazing.Breathe. Welcome the beauty around me, the chaos, the stilness of the trees and plantations, the chirping and subtle movements of the birds and other animals…my mind and soul heal.Being inside all that can heal you. It can make you see different perspectives of life of world that we live in. It can uplift you. It is worth the embrace. Take a moment and cherish it all.


Travelling is amazing– Lets put it this way. It is like you are taking a step into a new world in that moment- new place, you see the culture, the way of life, new experiences, bountiful perspectives and fresh ideas being adopted in the various countries to make life better-its a wave, it is exciting,thrilling and I pertake of this every chance i get. I want to open my eyes and  feel the wave, I want to LIVE.


I like Sports – Unfotunately, Sportsmanship nowadays is being turnished for mere wins and large sums of money. The true sportsmanship that I know of is that which is all about working together, as a team to achieve a set goal. Fighting together, win or lose, the spirit of the game, of togetherness, lives on. The sense of loyalty that is there, the desire and devotion to the team. Its almost priceless. The thrill of being a part of something great and making sure you push each other to your limits,our very best versions of ourselves- You build character,discipline, a drive, .mhmm… Its GLORIOUS!!!


Music  is a gift – The simple act of losing yourself in a moment and actually liking it. Imagining, thought provoking, intense…you name it. It empowers us, brings hope, necessitates action and reaction…It gives birth to new forms of art,expression,love,desire,optimism,………..its endless.

Express yourself,be you.Feel the Music:)



Ever had those tough times in your life that all you do is let go, and Let God….


This was me a couple of years ago.

Bruised not broken \

Trying hard to fight this tears,

I am crazy worried…

Let me cry, because with you…here…I can let go of my demons and embrace Your angelic essence You so radiate.


“It’s going to be okay,”  You say ∼ It is hard to see what is right in front of you because you may blinded by the pain and the sorrow and the hardships that you endure,

“Speak your soul out,” You say ∼ It is only then, that you can let go all the hurt and the pain of yesterday…let it flow…let it,

“The greatest strength of a man is admitting that he is weak,” You say ∼You see the strength in me when I am lost and confused and sharing my fears and insecurities is a sign of strength to you, because with with your help , I can overcome them. I can  BE stronger. Each day…I can face my fears,,boldly.Χ



You love away my pain∼

You are Love ITSELF

You are God.


I grew stronger.I am stronger because I know Who watches over me.



Sometimes , I let overthinking get the best of me. I know truly that I can do a particular thing and then all of a sudden, I start asking myself all this kinds of questions like ‘What if it doesn’t go as planned? Is this the right time for it… Am I ready?

It reminds of the time I asked my Dad for permission to sleep over at my friend’s place.I had this rock solid plan of how I’d share the details, he agrees,my Mum asks what Dad said (typical African ubringing) then Mum agrees with what Dad says.

With him, I had to lay out almost all the activities that will be carried out in the house, I was used to the chain of questions that would follow through. Until …he bombarded me with over the top questions like,, do I know what you will be doing, will there be constant supervision, are you safe?

Mind you! The house I was going to was 5 doors down……Yup!!

That was a bust!!

I have  had this constant questions in my head,, can I do this, can I hack that? Am I ready?..and so much more.

I do this a lot. Think and think…. Sometimes more than I should.
But I’ve realized that you can never be too ready for the change you want to see in yourself.

You can…


Never be too ready to see the first glance of the might yellow star, rising, showing you the beauty of nature in the chilly morning

Never be too ready to make the first move and challenge yourself to become a better person in your eyes

Never be too ready to get that dream career going,

Never be too ready to find true love, knocking at your door

Never be too ready to let go of a daunting past that seems to be clinging on to you so mercilessly

Never be  too ready to say hello to promising and healthy friendships and relationships  that will keep you motivated and stimulated

Never be too ready to love some more

To learn some more

To truly live

Never too ready…

to BE



Yes, you can do it∇

You, can do it ALL∇






You can call me Zee. Its simple, street and sweet:)



I would love to say that passion is felt, beauty is seen, and words may escape our minds,slither away,..make you hold a pen and paper-make you start writing your mind’s afflictions,your hearts desires and your soul’s truth.




This is mine.


∇ Life is like a wave, you don’t know what may come with it.

∇ It takes a short time to realize some people around you are stars, but it takes a long time to realize how bright they can blaze.

∇ If you never have the courage to do what you are afraid of doing, you lose potential of discovering something that could have been the greatest work on earth.

∇ Days come and go but remember the things that impact you and make you a better being, keep them and trudge on…’

∇ I want to be a rose celebrating life daringly lived…’

∇ The need for peace in life is vital , for with peace paves efficiency of sorts and with efficiency, more is brought to life- in this dying world

∇ True art does not need artistic geniousness, its true identity is will power and effortless expression.


I have spoken.






Self love,

Who are you?

What are you?

How do you feel like?

What do you taste like?

I hear your echo in my room


As I stare at my reflection I  see

Your wondrous eyes

Your loving soul

Trying to find yourself

I see you trying to show me the light

The light that I should have seen such a long time ago


Self love,

Who are you?

How do I get to you?

How do i reach you?

Do you have a hand that I can hold

Do you have a heart that I can listen to…

your beating heart…mhm

the  hope that I can lean on whenever i feel dark and hopeless


Self love,

Are you there?

Can you hear me?

SELF LOVE……?                                                            **anticipation**

Wait ….is that you?

I know you are there

I know you can hear me

I won’t ignore you anymore!

I won’t..


I will let you stay

I will let you show me what I am capable of

Show me the way

What I need to have in me

Show me what is beautiful

Show me the crazy

Show me the messy

Show me the imperfect

Show me  the masterpiece that I am

Show me the light

Show me who I am

Show me how to appreciate myself

Show me how to love

Yes self love…

Show me how to truly LOVE…

From within∼